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Thermal Edge UL Type 12 and Type 3R plastic filtered fan packages offer a revolutionary, tool-less easy-to-mount solution thanks to a system of clips optimized for 18 to 11 gauge thick enclosure panels. The advanced design reduces the risk of water infiltration, increasing operating safety. Packages include filtered fan & filtered exhaust vent.

Thermal Edge UL Type 1 plastic filtered fans are an economical answer in applications that are not extremely harsh, where humidity is not a concern and temperatures slightly above ambient are acceptable. Packages are complete with both intake and exhaust gaskets.

Thermal Edge UL Type 1 metal filtered fans are constructed of 16 Gauge Powder Coated Mild Steel. Packages are complete with both intake and exhaust gaskets. Optional 3R Shrouds can also be added to keep elements out of the enclosure.

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