What is the Preliminary Testing?

Preliminary Testing

Before mounting the air conditioner to the enclosure, test for proper operation. Follow the steps below prior to installation.

  • Plug the unit’s power cord into your source to start the evaporator fan and, if desired, change the set point. Refer to Digital Temperature Controller Programming section on this manual for details on changing the set point. Factory default settings should be satisfactory; however you may want to adjust heat, cooling and alarm set points for your specific application.
  • The condenser fan is controlled by the refrigerant pressure and will turn on later when the operating pressure builds up. This feature allows low ambient operation and reduces current inrush at initial power on.
  •  Run the air conditioner for 15 minutes; during this time the condenser fan will turn on after the condenser coil warms up. Note: Ambient Temperature must be at least 75°F.
  • Turn the unit off if the equipment makes any unexpected or hard mechanical noises or vibrations and refer to the troubleshooting guide in this manual.
  • The supply cold air should be at least 10°F colder than the return air entering the unit. If it is not, refer to the troubleshooting guide in this manual;
  • When you are satisfied that the unit is operating properly, turn unit off, disconnect the power and mount the unit on the enclosure in accordance with the Mounting the Air Conditioner section in this manual.