What are the Unit Specifications for CS011?

Unit Specifications

The following table provides electrical and refrigeration specifications for the CS011 Series Air Conditioners.

CS011 Series
Nominal Capacity Rating: 1,000 – 2,000 BTUH
Standard Maximum Ambient: 131°F
Unit Weight: 30 lbs (120VAC)

CS011 User and Technical Manual

Model Operating Voltage Range


Inrush Current
(Start Up Current)(Amps)
Loading Current
(Running Current)(Amps)
(Short Circuit Current Rating)(Amps)
KVA Rating


Refrig. Type Refrig. Amount


Low/High Unit  Pressures


Noise Level


CS011126 108-132 10.1 2.7 *2 0.3 R134a 6.00 88 / 215 68.9

*2  SCCR rating is based on the SCCR rating for the circuit protection device installed in the panel / enclosure per UL50 & UL508a to protect the AC unit. Typically 100KA – 200KA for Time-Delay Fuses.

% of Ampere Rating Opening Time
110 % 15min Minimum
125 % 1hr Maximum
200 % 12sec Minimum, 4min Maximum
Model Fan Air Flow (Evaporator / Condenser) Free Air Flow, Unrestricted Fan
CS011126 99 CFM