What is Preventative Maintenance For NE010 and NE015?

Preventative Maintenance

Air conditioners require regular cleaning of the condenser air inlet filter. Wash filter often if washable using proper cleaning compound and back flushing the dirt out, or replace if not washable whenever it appears physically dirty. Restriction to the flow of air over the condenser coil will degrade the performance of the equipment, cause it to overheat, reduce cooling and can damage the compressor. The overload switch in the compressor may cause the compressor to cycle if the condensing coil pressure becomes too high due to air restriction. A further safety feature is the refrigerant high pressure cut off switch which will stop the compressor if the condensing pressure becomes too high due restricted condenser air flow or some other cause.

Restricted air flow due to neglecting a dirty filter will cause unit to repeatedly turn off and then turn back on after it cools off. An operation in this safety cycling mode will eventually damage the equipment and void the warranty.

Refer to Field Serviceable Parts section in this manual for details on parts that can be changed to help increase the uninterruptable life of the Air Conditioner.

Air Filter Service

Remove the air conditioner filter and wash if washable or replace if not washable. Dry thoroughly before replacing. THERMAL EDGE Air Filter Treatment Spray in aerosol cans or spray bottle is recommended to enhance air filter efficiency. Replacement filters are readily available from THERMAL EDGE Customer Service. DO NOT operate the air conditioner without the air filter. Such operation will allow the condenser coil to become dirty and loose efficiency, causing overheating and diminished cooling capacity. Dirty condensing coils must be back-flush cleaned using proper commercial coil cleaning compounds and thorough back-flush rinsing. Refer to directions on the cleaning compounds selected. Acid wash is not recommended as it reduces the life of the coil.

Note: Do not use solvents to clean the programmable thermostat. Wipe with mild soap and water.

Condenser and Evaporator Fans

Thermal Edge air conditioners use high efficiency, long life, sealed ball bearing fans engineered for optimum performance that require no maintenance.  Keep fan blades clean for optimal performance.  Fans are removable and attached by plug in connections.


Thermal Edge uses hermetically factory sealed compressors that are quiet, low vibration and are maintenance free.   Thermal overload devices are installed to protect the compressor from damage due to overheat and short cycle faults.  If the compressor thermal overload fails, it is recommended to return the unit to Thermal Edge customer service for proper replacement.  Note that the rotary compressor runs with compressed refrigerant gas on the outer case and therefore is hot to the touch.

Loss of Refrigerant

Thermal Edge air conditioners are meticulously leak and run tested after assembly.  If a leak in the system should develop due to shipping damage or mechanical vibration, the leak must be detected, repaired and the refrigerant charge restored to the system by a qualified refrigeration professional.