How to Move Your Air Conditioners

Moving the Air Conditioners

Read this section completely before running or installing your Thermal Edge air conditioning equipment.

Note: You will need to perform a Preliminary Test before mounting the air conditioner. Refer to the Preliminary Test section in this manual for instructions on how to run this test. You will also need to prepare the enclosure that is to be cooled for mounting in accordance with this manual and the template supplied.

Note: Thermal Edge air conditioning equipment must be mounted vertically with a minimum of 2” air space for condenser air return and supply. If necessary, equipment may be mounted at up to a 5 degree angle (rotary compressors) without damaging the compressor.

If air conditioner is to be shipped or transported at any time; pack in original packaging and strap to pallet to prevent damage. Air conditioner must be kept upright at all times. Air conditioners are not designed to be shipped attached to an equipment enclosure. Air conditioners shipped which have internal damage due to shipping while attached to enclosures are warranty voided.