How to Mount Your Air Conditioner

Mounting the Air Conditioner

Using the template supplied, determine where the air conditioner is to be mounted and assure that all required cuts and holes will not interfere with or damage the enclosure or its contents. Assure that there is a 3” clearance between walls / obstructions and the air conditioner for the condenser supply air and return air flow so that it is not restricted. Restricted condenser air flow will affect the air conditioner’s performance. Mount the air conditioner high on the enclosure in order to cool the hot air at the top of the enclosure. Position the unit where the cold air can circulate across the width of the enclosure to cool it all the way across.

Once proper mounting placement is determined, turn the enclosure equipment off, if possible, to prevent damage. Drill and cut the holes as indicated on the mounting template. Install insulation gasket as required to insure an air tight closed loop seal. Be cautious not to let any cutting debris fall into the enclosure. Attach the hanging bolts as indicated on the template to hold the unit onto the enclosure and then use the mounting screws that are provided.

Hang the air conditioner on the hanging bolts and from inside the enclosure use the fasteners supplied to attach the air conditioner to the enclosure. Insure that these fasteners are tight in order to prevent the unit from falling off the enclosure. These fasteners should be checked periodically to insure that they have not become loose due to vibration.

Ensure that the power supplied is compatible with the air conditioner’s power requirements. Properly attach the unit’s power cord to a circuit that meets the equipment requirements and provide a circuit protection device based on the Unit Specifications section of this manual.

After mounting the air conditioner, replace/close the enclosure door and start air conditioner; test for air leaks to assure a proper closed loop air seal and run test the unit to assure proper operation after mounting. If any cold air leaks are found, check for proper mounting and apply silicone-free Lexel seal if leaks persist. Assure that the air conditioner’s condenser inlet air filter is installed properly and cleaned regularly