How to Inspect Your Air Conditioner

Inspecting the Equipment

Thermal Edge air conditioning equipment is designed, manufactured and packed to prevent damage from normal handling, shock and vibration during shipment.  It is necessary to inspect your equipment upon receipt to insure that there is no visual or hidden damage.

Upon receipt of the equipment, insure that it is always top side up as indicated by “THIS SIDE UP” labels.  This insures that the compressor oil is not displaced.

Note: If the equipment has been on its side it must be put upright for at least 24 hours before installing or running to insure the compressor oil has returned to the compressor.

All physical damage to packing or signs of damage to the equipment must be noted on the freight bill of lading.  Packages must be opened after receipt and inspected for any internal or concealed damage to the equipment and to verify proper count and order fulfillment.  Delivery without the pallet, not top side up, other freight on top, damaged or wet should be refused.