What are the Unit Specifications for Filtered Fans?

Unit Specifications

The following table provides electrical specifications for the Thermal Edge Plastic & Metal Series Filter Fan Packages.

Plastic & Metal Series

Standard Maximum Ambient: 158°F (70°C)


Operating Voltage Range (Volts)

Voltage Frequency (Hz)

Inrush Current
(Start Up Current) (Amps)

Loading Current
(Running Current) (Amps)

(Short Circuit Current Rating) (Amps)

Recommended Circuit Protection Device Rating (Amps)*

Free Air Flow (CFM)

Fan Speed (RPM)

PFFP-080-120108–132 AC50/600.550.11*21.00802900
PFFP-080-230207–253 AC50/600.300.06*20.75802900
PFFP-080-D2421.6-26.4 DCN/A0.750.19*21.00802200
P or MFFP-100-120110–120 AC50/600.950.17/0.18*22.001313300
P or MFFP-100-230220–240 AC50/600.600.10/0.11*21.001313300
P or MFFP-100-D2421.6-26.4 DCN/A0.900.23*21.251003000
P or MFFP-200-120110–120 AC50/602.000.35/0.40*23.003003300
P or MFFP-200-230220–240 AC50/601.150.20/0.22*22.003003300
P or MFFP-200-D2421.6-26.4 DCN/A8.42.1*210.003003900
PFFP-390-120110–120 AC50/602.850.51/0.54*24.003933300 ea
PFFP-390-230220–240 AC50/601.800.30/0.33*23.00393300 ea
PFFP-390-D2421.6-26.4 DCN/A2.700.69*23.003003000 ea
P or MFFP-500-120110–120 AC50/603.000.50/0.58*25.007502200
P or MFFP-500-230220–240 AC50/601.500.25/0.30*23.007502200

* Fast Acting Fuses with the following electrical characteristics are recommended. Do not use extremely Fast Acting Fuse.

% of Ampere RatingOpening Time
100 %None
135%60min Maximum
200%120sec Maximum

*2  SCCR rating is based on the SCCR rating for the circuit protection device installed in the panel/enclosure per UL50 & UL508a to protect the AC unit. Typically 10KA for Fast Acting Fuses.