What is the Preventative Maintenance for Filtered Fans?

Preventative Maintenance

Filter fan packages may require regular filter replacement depending on the environmental conditions. Restriction to the flow of air will degrade the performance of the equipment, reduce cooling and can damage the fans. Restricted air flow due to neglecting a dirty filter may cause fan to overheat. Continuous operation in this condition will eventually damage the equipment and void the warranty.

Refer to Field Serviceable Parts section in this manual for details on parts that can be changed to help increase the uninterruptable life of the filter fan package.


Replace filters are readily available at Thermal Edge; a good preventative maintenance schedule is crucial to insure filter fan package optimal performance.


Thermal Edge Filter Fan Packages use high efficiency, long life, sealed ball bearing fans engineered for optimum performance that require no maintenance. Fans are removable and employ plug-in electrical connections