What are the Field Serviceable Parts for NE010 and NE015?

Field Serviceable Parts

Thermal Edge carefully designs and selects components with the maximum life expectancy.  Due to OEM manufacturing tolerances, poor unit maintenance or extreme operating conditions, components may fail before their maximum life expectancy. The table below lists parts that are serviceable in the field by an Air Conditioner Technician.

Part Description Thermal Edge Part #
Digital Controller 52110-1 for 120VAC
52112-1 for 230VAC
52111-1 for 120VAC w/ both Dry C and Heater
52111-2 for 230VAC w/ both Dry C and Heater
Low Pressure Switch 38151-1
Condenser Fan Cut-In Pressure Switch 38006-1
Temperature Probe 52126-1
Condenser Fan Relay 55761-1 for 120VAC
55762-1 for 230VAC
Thermal Expansion Value TXV 32025-1
Compressor 31500-1 for 120VAC
31506-1 for 230VAC
Gasket Installation Kit 71300-N115
Evaporator Fan 41004-1-1 for 120VAC
41004-2-1 for 230VAC
Condenser Fan NE010: 41005-1-1 for 120VAC, 41005-2-1 for 230VAC
NE015: 41025-1-1 for 120VAC, 41025-2-1 for 230VAC
Filter Media 44008-1 (Available in packs of 12: Part # 44200)