What are the Options For HC241?


The HC241 Series Air Conditioners may be ordered with the following options.  Review the list below for the specifications and functions of the option(s) that apply to your unit.


The HC241 is designed to be operated without a condenser air inlet filter.  However, in an extremely dirty environment, the user may wish to add a filter to avoid having to clean the condenser coil too frequently.  The HC241 can be ordered with a set of three 1” filters or a set of three 2” pleated high capacity filters.

Built-in Heater

This unit is configurable to include a Built-in Heater to increase the temperature of your enclosure in lower temperature conditions.  The digital controller is programmed with an individual heater set point to maintain your enclosure at your desired operating temperature.

Heater capacities are available in 500 Watt, 1000 Watt and 1500 Watt.

Default Settings:

  • 55°F Heat Set Point
  • 3°F Differential

At the default settings the heater turns on at 52°F and operates until temperature has reached 55°F.

Refer to Digital Temperature Controller Programming section for details on changing these parameters.

Low Ambient

This option consists of circuitry to protect the compressor in a low ambient temperature environment.  The low ambient package is designed to provide an optimum constant low current in the compressor motor during the non cooling state.  This option provides internal heat to the compressor to protect it from stalls and hard starts during long periods of compressor off state.

Dry Contact

This option provides an early warning capability to your enclosure to aid in the protection of your expensive equipment.  The Dry Contact is programmed with an individual dry contact set point to monitor the enclosure temperature limit that you require.  When the enclosure temperature has exceeded the maximum limit, the Form C gold plated contact will activate to notify you that there is a problem in achieving your cooling set point.

Default Settings:

  • 105°F Dry Contact High Temperature Alarm Set Point
  • 2°F Recovery Differential
  • 3min Temperature Alarm Delay


At the default settings the Dry Contact initial conditions are normally open and/or normally closed.  When the unit is powered on and the temperature exceeds 105°F for a period longer than 3 minutes the Dry Contact will activate. At this time the normally open contact will close and the normally closed contact will open. This state will remain until the temperature has decreased to 103°F.

Note: The dry contact is not a power status indicator, rather a high temperature alarm alerting you that the unit is unable to meet the cooling set point.

Refer to Advanced Digital Temperature Controller Programming section on page 8 for details on changing these parameters.

Celsius Programming

Celsius Programming option allows the user to control the Thermal Edge Air Conditioner in SI units.  This feature can be programmed into the digital temperature controller at time of manufacturing.  This feature is also available as an upgrade to air conditioners already in the field equipped with Gen 2.0 controller via a flash drive key.

External Heat Output

This option allows you to add an external heater to be located anywhere in your enclosure.  These external heaters are ideal for focusing on individual sections of the enclosure without having a large capacity Built-in Heater.

External Heater capacities available are 100 Watt, 150 Watt, 200 Watt, 250 Watt, 300 Watt,

400 Watt, 550 Watt, 650 Watt & 950 Watt


Default Settings:

  • 55°F Heat Set Point
  • 3°F Differential


At the default settings the heater output turns on at 52°F and operates until the temperature has reached 55°F. Refer to Advanced Digital Temperature Controller Programming section on this manual for details on changing these parameters.

Special Programming

All Thermal Edge Air Conditioners have a Special Programming option for selecting unique pre in programmed settings for special requirements. Although most parameters are accessible in our digital controller, this option allows you to receive a unit preset to your requirements without the need to manually configure the unit.  Refer to Advanced Digital Temperature Controller Programming section for details on all default settings.

High Ambient

Most of our air conditioners have capabilities for high ambient application upgrades from our Standard Maximum Ambient temperature of 131°F.  With this option we can optimize the Air Conditioner during manufacturing to achieve improved performance at high ambient conditions.

Open Door Kill Switch

This option provides you with an adjustable and mountable safety switch for your electronics enclosure.  This switch will disable power to the air conditioner when your electronics enclosure door is open allowing you to work on your enclosure without the risk of unintentionally powering the unit.

Adjustable Temperature Probe

The adjustable temperature probe provides you with a 5’ temperature probe that can be installed anywhere in your enclosure.  This allows you to have the flexibility to monitor and maintain the temperature at any specific location of your enclosure.

Ethernet/IP Controller Output

This option provides the ability to communicate with the Thermal Edge Air Conditioner controller via the Ethernet/IP protocol.  You can monitor and control all settings from a remote location with a PLC.

Full specifications will be provided with this option.  For full details refer to the Ethernet/IP Option Specifications included with the Air Conditioner.

Outdoor Option

When having our Programmable Digital Controller on the face of our Air Conditioner does not fit your application, Thermal Edge offers the OD Package (i.e. Outdoor Option).  This option moves the controller into your enclosure using a 10’ cable along with a universal, 16 gauge powder coated steel mounting bracket.  The Air Conditioner will have no openings on the face of the unit. Below is partial schematic showing the OD option wiring connections to the digital controller.