What are the Unit Specifications for HC241?

Unit Specifications

The following table provides electrical and refrigeration specifications for the HC241 Series Air Conditioners.

            HC241 Series

Nominal Capacity Rating: 24,000 BTUH
Standard Maximum Ambient: 140°F

Model Operating Voltage Range


Inrush Current
(Start Up Current)(Amps)
Loading Current
(Running Current)(Amps)
(Short Circuit Current Rating)(Amps)
Circuit Protection


KVA Rating


Refrig. Type Refrig. Amount


Low/High Unit  Pressures






HC241236 207-253 76.3 14.5 *2 40 Amp Class CC, CCMR Time Delay * 3.5 R407f 42 140 / 329 n/a 205/226
HC241486 440-480 38.2 7.25 160K 20 Amp Class CC, CCMR Time Delay * 3.5 R407f 42 140 / 329 n/a 320/342

* Time-delay Fuses with the following electrical characteristics are recommended.  Fast-acting fuses are not recommended.

% of Ampere Rating Opening Time
110 % 15min Minimum
125 % 1hr Maximum
200 % 12sec Minimum
4min Maximum

*2  SCCR rating is based on the SCCR rating for the circuit protection device installed in the panel / enclosure per UL50 & UL508a to protect the AC unit. Typically 100KA – 200KA for Time-Delay Fuses.