What is the Operation of TEI Air Conditioners?


Thermal Edge air conditioners will lower (or increase as necessary) the temperature inside an enclosure to ensure its proper operational temperature. Our air conditioners, when sized properly, will provide cooling or heating automatically controlled by the digital controller.

Thermal Edge air conditioners operate as a “closed loop” system with no exposure or introduction of outside air. This insures that the enclosure is separated from, and is not contaminated with, ambient air, dirt, chemicals, dust, moisture or foreign matter so that sensitive enclosure components are protected and are kept at your required operational temperature.

An air conditioner is designed to dehumidify and extract heat from an area, or provide heat to an area. The cooling is done using a simple refrigeration cycle. A product of this simple refrigeration cycle is excess humidity that condenses to a liquid.

Thermal Edge air conditioners are designed using an advanced refrigeration cycle and are equipped with a Condensate Removal System that changes the excess humidity liquid into a vapor which is then vented to the atmosphere. In the event of excess water vapor when the enclosure door has been left open there is an overflow hole on the bottom of every unit. Please contact Thermal Edge Inc. if you encounter excess water coming from your air conditioner.