Thermal Edge Difference

What makes an Air Conditioner a Thermal Edge Air Conditioner?

There are three critical features that make a Thermal Edge Enclosure Air Conditioner different from any other line of air conditioners. Standard on Every Unit.
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Energy Saving Condensate Evaporation

Condensate Evaporation System eliminates drain lines and buckets by routing the hot refrigerant gas lines through a condensate boil off pan. This process converts the liquid back into a vapor which is vented out of the air conditioner. In addition to eliminating the buckets and drains needed with other air conditioners, this process pre-cools the refrigerant gas, thereby lessening the load on the compressor and lowering our running amps.

Lower running amps and no condensate makes a better air conditioner.

thermal-edge2Thermal Expansion Valve controlling the flow of refrigerant

Thermal Expansion Valves balance and modulate the refrigerant flow to the heat load by sensing the temperature of the refrigerant leaving the evaporator. There are three major advantages to this refrigerant control method:

  1. Maximum efficiency over a wide temperature and load range
  2. Improved refrigerant return to the compressor assures better cooling at high temperatures and reduces the possibility of liquid slugging which can destroy the compressor
  3. Variations in refrigerant charge, particularly smaller units, are less critical

Thermal Edge always uses Thermal Expansion Valves. In your demanding environment, you need temperature controls that you can depend on, regardless of temperature changes throughout the work day or annual season.

thermal-difference-2Programmable Digital Controller making a smarter air conditioner

The Thermal Edge Digital Programmable Controllers incorporate programmable set point and temperature controls, visible error and/or alarm messaging, system protection and status indication. Remote control is available communications options. The Digital Controller from Thermal Edge… When a smarter air conditioner is needed for a better package.

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