5 Facts About Air Conditioners for Telecom Electrical Enclosures


5 Facts About Air Conditioners for Telecom Electrical EnclosuresOutdoor telecom electrical enclosures are subject to high levels of solar radiation. The effects of solar heating as well as the heat load inside enclosures mean that some form of enclosure cooling is necessary. Additionally, telecom electrical enclosures and their associated enclosure coolers must be able to withstand the effects of adverse weather conditions.

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Do All Telecom Enclosures Require Enclosure Air Conditioners?


Do All Telecom Enclosures Require Enclosure Air Conditioners?

The almost insatiable demand for high-speed internet has led to a situation where the number of telecom enclosures needed to meet these requirements is growing almost exponentially.

Although modern telecom equipment is robust, the power requirements of high-speed data communication equipment are such that the power density inside telecom enclosures is increasing at a rapid rate. Consequently, the use of enclosure air conditioners to cool telecom equipment is becoming almost standard practice. Continue reading

8 Questions on OSP Cabinet Thermal Management Answered by Experts


8_Questions_on_OSP_Cabinet_Thermal_Management_Answered_by_Experts.jpgEffective thermal management of OSP cabinets is crucial for reliable operation. There are several specifications in use, but in practice most cabinets will be built to comply with the GR-3108-CORE Class 1 requirements that allow for a maximum cabinet temperature of 104 °F.

Although this is a fairly high temperature, high equipment densities, along with the effects of solar radiation, mean that it’s relatively easy to exceed this temperature. Consequently, thermal management of OSP cabinets is so important that our experts have had to field a number of related questions. Continue reading

Air Conditioner Options to Consider for Telecom Electrical Enclosures


air-conditioner-options-to-consider-for-telecom-electrical-enclosuresKeeping your electrical enclosures cool is absolutely essential in the telecom industry. Heat is produced not just from the electrical equipment inside the enclosure, but also develops from solar radiation. A reliable and efficient air conditioner to keep your outdoor electrical enclosures at ideal operating temperatures does not have to be unbearably expensive or difficult to maintain.

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8 Thermal Management Tips for Outside Plant Applications



The increased power density of telecom equipment along with the vulnerability of some components to excessive temperature variation means the thermal management of outside plant equipment has become crucial. Outside plant cabinets are exposed to widely fluctuating ambient temperatures, yet their internal temperatures must be maintained within the limits specified by GR-3108-CORE. Here are eight tips that will help optimize the thermal management of outside plant cabinets. Continue reading

6 Cabinet Cooling Considerations for Telecom Outside Plant



The extension of telecom networks to accommodate the rapid growth in mobile computing as well as to provide high speed data access has led to a proliferation of outside plant telecom cabinets. The thermal characteristics of the equipment used in outside plant cabinets are such that cabinet cooling is necessary to limit internal temperatures. Here are six crucial cabinet cooling considerations you need to look at. Continue reading

How to Protect a Telecom Outside Plant Cabinet from Thermal Damage


How_to_Protect_a_Telecom_Outside_Plant_Cabinet_from_Thermal_Damage.jpgAll forms of electrical equipment are susceptible to failure if they get too hot, and telecom equipment, even though it is built to high standards, is no exception. Usually the failures can be traced to an inadequate assessment of the total heat load in the cabinet, leading to higher than expected temperatures, or as a result of failure of the enclosure cooling system. Here are some ways to protect a telecom outside plant cabinet from thermal damage.

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How to Regulate Temperature for Outside Plant Enclosures



Although the GR-3108-CORE specification for outside plant cabinets allows a relatively wide range of cabinet operating temperatures, there are many instances when it is better to regulate the temperature to within a relatively small temperature range. This is because some equipment needs to be kept reasonably cool in order to function optimally, and, also, equipment life is extended at lower temperatures.

In order to control the temperature inside the enclosure, it is generally necessary to implement some form of enclosure cooling and, in some instances, to also use cabinet heating. Here’s how you can economically regulate the temperature of your outside plant cabinets. Continue reading