16 Safety Tips for Electrical Enclosure Fans


16_Safety_Tips_for_Electrical_Enclosure_FansAlthough electrical enclosure fans are simple devices, there are safety risks that should be considered during their installation and use. Here, the most significant risks are highlighted and split into three sections:

  • Installation

  • Operation

  • Maintenance

When dealing with electrical enclosure fans, safe practices are critical to ensure the safety of personnel and to make certain that the installation is safe and does not jeopardize the integrity of the electrical enclosure. Where appropriate, and for more information, always refer to your fan’s user and technical manual. Continue reading

Why Most Electrical Cabinet Cooling Fans Fail



Valuable electrical equipment housed inside cabinets is typically protected by some type of thermal management system to maintain safe operating temperatures. The electrical cabinet is designed to keep out dust, dirt and water but overheating is one of the single largest threats facing the electrical components leading to potential malfunctions, failure and unplanned costly downtime. Continue reading

Get Rid of Electrical Enclosure Fan Problems Once And For all



Electrical enclosure fans are an economical answer to cooling enclosures in locations that are not extremely harsh, where humidity is not a concern, and temperatures slightly above ambient are acceptable for the electrical components in the enclosure.

As with any type of equipment, problems with enclosure cooling fans, such as wiring issues, like a short, blown fuse, or loose connector, can arise. Here are suggested fixes that can permanently resolve any electrical enclosure fan problem. Continue reading

The Different Types of Electrical Enclosure Cooling Fans Available on the Market


Electrical-Enclosure-Cooling-FanThere are many types of electrical enclosure cooling solutions available, from the most high-tech air conditioners and closed loop heat exchangers to the most simple filtered fan systems. Of course, not every solution is right for every application, which is why it is so important to select the right cooling unit for your electrical enclosure.

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How a Cabinet Cooling Fan Can Cut Project Costs



Provided the conditions are right, the lowest cost method of cooling an enclosure is to use filtered fans. The reasons are simple: fans are cheap, cost very little to run, and are capable of moving a significant amount of air. Furthermore, there is not a lot that can go wrong with them. The basic requirements for the successful use of fans include: Continue reading

First 5 Steps When Troubleshooting Enclosure Cooling Fans


First_5_Steps_When_Troubleshooting_Enclosure_Cooling_Fans_.jpgUnder ideal environmental conditions, enclosure cooling fans offer the most cost effective solution to adequately cool sensitive electrical components. Cooling fans function best when located indoors where minimal levels of dust and dirt exist, away from moisture and corrosive chemicals. The ambient air temperature should be low enough to properly cool heat producing components.

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Why Fans for Electrical Enclosures Often Fail and Air Conditioners Won’t

Why_Fans_for_Electrical_Enclosures_Often_Fail_and_Air_Conditioners_Wont.jpgIndustrial electrical equipment is crucial to the operation of many manufacturing operations and their reliability is of utmost importance. Businesses cannot afford costly downtime due to electrical component malfunctions from overheating or damage from dust and dirt, moisture or corrosive chemicals.

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Common Mistakes When Purchasing a Cabinet Cooling Fan


A cooling fan is the most economical choice for temperature regulation inside an electrical enclosure with moderate ambient temperatures and limited humidity. The costs of procuring an enclosure cooling fan and running one are an order of magnitude lower than those associated with air conditioners. However, the process of selecting the right type of cabinet cooling fan for your requirements can be tricky. If you have not had experience using cooling fans before, these are the common mistakes to avoid. Continue reading

How to Get The Most Out of Your Enclosure Fans


enclosure fans
Using enclosure fans to cool electrical components in cabinets is simple and efficient. They are robust, inexpensive and easy to maintain, providing long term protection for vital and costly electrical equipment. Unless environmental factors that preclude the use of fans, such as excessive airborne particles or oils, exist, the ability to use enclosure fans to keep components cool is an economical solution that will reduce operating and maintenance costs.

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