Remote Control & Monitor

The digital controller used in all Thermal Edge air conditioners features the ability to remotely control, monitor and alarm the cooling and heating functions of the air conditioner.  This can be done using a PLC connected to an industrial network or a personal computer (PC) connected to an Ethernet network.



Control, Monitor & Alarm

  • EtherNet/IP (Rockwell/Allen Bradley)Remote Control & Monitor- VFG1000
    • RJ45 network connection
    • With 24 VAC Power Supply (R2)
    • Without 24 VAC Power Supply (R3)
  • ModBUS-RTU, RS485 (R1)
    • RS485, 2 wire, network connection

Alarm Only

  • Dry Contact
    • High temperature alarm input signal to PLC
    • Normally Open & Normally Closed (D3)


Control, Monitor & AlarmPC Xweb Server Accessory

  • XWEB300D Web Server Accessory

(requires ModBUS RTU, RS485 Option)

  • RJ45 Ethernet connection to LAN
  • Internet connection with static IP address
  • Access via standard internet browser
  • Additional outputs
    • Email
    • FAX
    • SMS


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